Monday, September 25, 2006

Bye Bye Beach

Our California beach days are coming to an end... rapidly. Just a few more weeks and we leave Santa Barbara for more affordable shores. Or more affordable mountains, not sure yet. We're headed for a hiatus in FL and then we'll decide where the new adventures begin.

I'm excited about this. And nervous. And a bit sad to leave Santa Barbara... it's so beautiful here. I think Dean and I are really appreciating this, now that we are about to leave. And now that Natalie has become such a beach girl this summer, it's a shame to have to leave somewhere where you are literally a five minute drive to an uncrowded beach.



But when a crappy 3 bedroom fixer is 800k or more, it's time to go. I'm excited as I've never lived anywhere else but CA. I'll miss lots of things here... mostly being close to family and friends. But really, as long as I have Dean and Natalie, I can be happy anywhere. Besides, either way, it will be a good move. I'll get to live near my brother again and become a decent skiier, or we'll be on another shore, enjoying a warmer ocean in an affordable house, closer to Dean's family. Either way, it's going to be an adventure.