Sunday, July 25, 2010

Florida Living

Dean did some major yard work today (have I mentioned that my hubby is awesome!!). And the place is looking great.

However, when Natalie and I got home from the gym in the middle of said yardwork, Dean tells me that he found wasps nests in essentially ALL of our bushes. He pulls one out and there are eggs in the honeycomb. Aack!! He then shoos me inside.

You see, I am highly allergic to black wasps. And they are ALL over our neighborhood. I seriously  have less than an hour to use an epipen or get to a hospital before I will be rendered unable to breathe. This is frightening enough, what is more frightening is that I do not yet know if either of our daughters will have the same allergic reaction.

Sigh. I will never get used the FL creatures.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Amazing Friends

So last month, my Verry amazing friend Sherry sent us, special delivery from Ireland, two handmade quilts for the girls. They are adorable! Sherry, you've no idea how much this means to me. I am hugely sentimental and handmade gifts are rare these days. I was so excited to open the package, and you did not disappoint.

I put Katherine's quilt on the floor to show her and she immediately laid down on it and started singing a lullaby. So glad I caught that moment! The quilt is absolutely adorable, with all things girly: castles, princesses and flowers. And little did Sherry know, this was a perfect fit for Katherine, who is such a girly girl (WHERE that came from I do not know.). But she loves her baby dolls and all things princess-like, so the quilt was adored as you can see below. While she doesn't yet understand how truly special it is, I will make sure she does as she gets older. And I was so inspired by it, that I plan to decorate Katherine's room around the color scheme.

Katherine loving her new quilt.

Natalie loving her doll quilt.

And of course only another mother would go the extra mile and make a matching doll quilt for big sister. So thoughtful! Natalie already has her own Sherry creation, which is hanging on her bedroom wall, so to receive another is truly a special treat.

So Sherry, thank you so verry much!! These will be cherished and handed down to generations of future Dixon Chicks, of that I am sure.

And btw, if you want to check out more of Sherry's amazing quilting, you can check out the magazine she started here: or her blog here:

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

It's only 9:00am here and we've already had an amazing 4th of July, we witnessed the birth of a butterfly!

My neighbor Jen brought over three caterpillars last week and we've watched them hang, turn into cocoons and have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the butterflies. We woke up this morning to find one already had been born and were lucky enough to catch the second being born. It was amazing. See for yourself. And yes, I do know a butterfly isn't an animal, but I was in the moment, what can I say? Enjoy!

If you don't see the video, click here: