Friday, December 09, 2011

Early Christmas Gift

I received the best Christmas gift I can recall of my life this week. And it's still more than two weeks until the big day!

A little background... one of my all time favorite Christmas traditions is completely engrossing myself in Christmas music for the entire month of December. If I'm home, it's on. I just love the way it lifts up my mood and makes me feel warm and loving inside. Around here, my girls have started to love the tradition as well. So earlier this week, we are cozying up on the couch after I've picked up Natalie from school. We are all reading various things, listening to Christmas tunes and Natalie looks up at me and says:

"Mom, you know what's better than Christmas"

Being in a good mood, I start joking: "homework?"


"Cleaning your room?"

"No!" she laughs. Then looks me in the eye and says


Wow. It took my breath away and then I cried. And hugged her. And that... is the meaning of Christmas. Spreading pure joy.