Saturday, April 21, 2012

Tooth Fairy Time

Guess who's going to be paying a visit to our house tonight? For the first time!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Healthy Cooking

One thing I have found as a mom as my kids are starting to get just a little bit older, is how challenging it can be to find things they like to eat, that are nutritious and healthy. I've really gotten into cooking over the past several years... love to try new recipes and modify them to make them more healthy. Getting older means more health concerns, and while I am know for my indulgences (wine and chocolate anyone?) I try to moderate my behavior too. After all, I do have an example to set. And a waistline to manage!

I love getting the girls into the kitchen... they love it too and I'm hoping to expand their horizons by getting them cooking. I figure if they help make it, they'll be more likely to try it.

Today we made Breakfast Cookies! So much healthier than the boxed version... ours had oatmeal, whole wheat flour, cranberries (my mom can attest I just don't do raisins in baked goods) and even some shredded carrots. They were a hit and both girls loved them. A new winner in the breakfast circuit. If I can get a whisper of a veggie in them before they are even off to school, that is a huge win on my part.