Sunday, July 25, 2010

Florida Living

Dean did some major yard work today (have I mentioned that my hubby is awesome!!). And the place is looking great.

However, when Natalie and I got home from the gym in the middle of said yardwork, Dean tells me that he found wasps nests in essentially ALL of our bushes. He pulls one out and there are eggs in the honeycomb. Aack!! He then shoos me inside.

You see, I am highly allergic to black wasps. And they are ALL over our neighborhood. I seriously  have less than an hour to use an epipen or get to a hospital before I will be rendered unable to breathe. This is frightening enough, what is more frightening is that I do not yet know if either of our daughters will have the same allergic reaction.

Sigh. I will never get used the FL creatures.

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