Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Tide is Turning

First Chocolate Batter!

Ahem, it seems like I begin a lot of my posts with "it's been awhile..." and here I am again. Much has happened since my last update, here goes:

- Dean started a new job last week and it's going well.
- We bought a house and are moving to the Tampa area - hurray!

Miss Natalie has been busy, I'm so amazed and enamoured with her these days. Her Sesame Street passion is showing itself... at not yet 2 she can count to ten and knows almost all the letters of the alphabet. Amazing! We must sing the ABC song at least 5 times daily, sometimes more. And she's just so damn cute about it all I almost can't stand it. She loves to sing, which I enjoy, but the downside of this is I am slowing losing my mind to ABCs, wheels on the bus and twinkle, twinkle. Whilst I used to hum and listen to my favorite bands, my brain these days is on a slow downward slump of kiddie music. I'm looking forward to getting into our house and having our music system set up. I need some ME back.

She's getting more teeth, curlier hair, if you can believe that and, is just a happy good natured kid. Her little cousin Alex was here last week and she was great with him... giggling and actually sharing her toys (mostly) that made me start thinking about how she'd be a great big sister. We'll see. I'd love her to have a sibling, but part of me can't imagine another child being as wonderful as Natalie. I know these feelings would evaporate as soon as we had another baby. But is it time? Are we ready for the chaos of a newborn again? Are you ever?

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soltouch said...

Erin, Dean & Natalie, I am so happy for you that you have found a home and have made a decision where you want to be! Congratulations!!!! I just love reading about Miss Natalie's little personality as it develops. Next post please include some photos of your new house and don't forget you have loyal fans out here just waiting for your next blog!

We miss you in Santa Barbara. Your photo is still posted up on the board at work, so I get to see you almost every day.

Love and blessings, Deana Rae