Saturday, September 13, 2008

Got Curls?

For any gal out there who has curly hair, have I got a brush for you. Yes, you read that right... brush. After a 15+ year hiatus from the brush, I am now a convert. My MIL (thanks Janet!) turned me on to the Ouchless Brush. I saw one last night while shopping and decided to try it. I'm usually dubious about new products for curls. I've donated many George Washingtons over the years to products that have not lived up to the hype. Thus my beauty product skepticism. But, figuring it had been 15 years since I've tried a brush, and now that I have little ringlets to tend to, I thought perhaps it was time to try again.

My curly-haired friends, it was.

I tried the ouchless on Natalie this morning, who I can attest has the curliest spirals of any three year old I know. And it worked. Really well. I did my usual routine: saturate her hair with half the bottle of spray detangler and then I started using the brush. Amazing. She actually enjoyed the scalp massage. She did not scream "go slower mommy!" This is nothing short of miraculous in our household. It takes me a full 5-10 minutes to comb out Natalie's hair with a wide tooth comb. You can imagine the battles. I even told her that preschool wouldn't let her in if her hair wasn't combed. Yeah, I went there.

Afterwards, I tried it myself. And it made my already combed, dry hair look better too. Incredible. It smoothed my hair without combing out all the curls. I will be buying another one ASAP because I simply cannot share it. I must have my own.

So if you have wavy or thick or curly hair, run to your nearest drugstore and buy this brush now. It will be the best $5 you've spent on a beauty product in years.

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