Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

This photo sums up my St. Patrick's Day for 2009:
- The hat was decorated by Natalie at our St. Patrick's day party on Saturday. Green m&m's were also leftover from the party. Shockingly, it had a green theme.
- The Smithwick's is what I am drinking tonight, leftover from the party. I intended to drink a Guinness, but they are all in the cooler, now warm. While I am an Irish American, I am pure American in my beer temperature preference. Don't like it warm, Guinness or no.
- Though it is not a Guinness, it had to be drunk from the Guinness pint, borrowed by Dean from the The Temple Bar in Dublin. Dean and I were in Ireland for Sherry's wedding and it was at the Temple Bar we got to tell the first person (Melissa) that were were engaged. He had proposed the day before. So I will always love Ireland for many reasons.
- I've been talking up Ireland to Natalie over the past few days, showing her the photo we took on Lettermullen Island right after Dean proposed and promising to take her when she is a little older. I'll get the travel bug in that girl yet!

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VerrySherry said...

Yes get your travel bugs on the move! We would love visitors. I'd like to say I'm reading this so late due to a killing hangover, but alas, nothing that fun. xo