Monday, June 01, 2009

Girlie Fun

Natalie had her very first ballet recital yesterday. She was adorable! It was so fun to get her all dressed up in a fancy tutu, feathers in her hair and ballerina bun. She loved it. I remember how much I loved getting dressed up and finding out what our costumes would look like each year when I danced as a child. So it's very fun to relive this with Natalie.

She takes classes at the local YMCA, so it's fairly low key and more fun just to watch the little kids react to all the crowd watching them. Her 3-4 year old class did great, a fun swing song and she alternated between dancing her heart out and looking around. I'll have to get video soon, but here are a couple photos.

In the blue, waiting for the show to start

Still waiting...

Post show cupcake!

And in other matters, we have successfully created the second binky addict in the family. I know. This is how I find Katherine after most naps. Think she likes her bink(ies)?

We put 3-4 in her crib so if she wakes up in the middle of the night she can find one. Works well as she's been sleeping through the night for months now. Looks like there will be another visit from the binky fairy at some point in the Dixon household...

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