Friday, August 10, 2012

Seattle Beaches, Who Knew?

It was a beautiful summer day in Seattle today, so it was time to check out the local neighborhood beach. The what??? Yes, you read that right, there are beaches in Seattle. We are staying in Ballard, and i have come to really love this neighborhood. It's very family friendly, home of the locks and has the most Southern CA style beach I've yet to see here.

We went over to Golden Gardens and it is a great spot. Totally has the beach vibe... Flat sandy beach, volleyball players, concessions, playground and musicians. It's awesome. You can almost imagine you are in California... Except the water is ice cold and it's only 72 degrees out in August. I was worried the girls would complain about the cold water but they had so much fun playing with rocks and the driftwood, they didn't complain about the water at all. Score!

And take a look at the awesome playground. I have to say, hands down, the Seattle playgrounds blow away the ones in Florida. Every playground here has some sort of climbing structure, many have the old style merry-go-rounds, and they all have monkey bars... None of which I've seen in FL. and the girls love it all. But I will give FL the clear win on beaches. As great as Golden Gardens is, it doesn't come close to the glorious Siesta Key white sand and warm waters of the gulf. But for today, it was just perfect.

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