Friday, May 05, 2006

Cousin Alex

As promised, here is a photo of Natalie's newest cousin, Alexander. Looks like the Dixons (Vonks) will be carrying on their lineage of red heads. Too cute.


It's been such fun talking with Debbie about her first weeks becoming a mom. It brings back all the memories of bringing Natalie home. I'll never forget walking in the door with her, the tiniest thing, setting her on the couch and looking and Dean and saying "what do we do now?" After all the preparing and reading of books ad nauseum, I realized that nothing can prepare you for that moment. Or the weeks ahead as you get to know your new baby. It's great. And it's difficult. I think I cried more that first month than my entire life. Tears of joy. Tears of frustration.

Here's what they should really teach you in jr. high algebra:

Post Partum Hormones + New Baby/ Sleep Deprivation = CRAZY WOMAN!!

I had my moments, as Dean can tell you. Like when I completely freaked out when he was going to go back to work after 2 weeks. I sort of lost it (okay, not sort of) and thankfully, he was able to stay home one more week. That saved me and by the third week I was ready.

And Debbie, I promise, you will get a full nights sleep again. It just might not be as soon as you'd like. But treasure these moments, they pass so quickly. And send more pictures!

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