Friday, April 28, 2006

She's Back!

Okay, so it's been awhile. I know. The four weeks have gone like this:

  • out of town wedding (Milwaukee brew pub - awesome)
  • out of town wedding (Wayfarers Chapel - gorgeous)
  • throw easter dinner party & insist upon making everything homemade
  • host couples baby shower & buy it all from Lazy Acres

Between all the above plus working on some hectic design projects, things have been a bit busy. I don't know, I thought when I quit my office job and started freelancing from home, I'd have all the time in the world. Riiiiiiight. Rather, I find that I feel more disorganized than ever and time just seems to slip by. The good news is we finally found another nanny, which is a huge relief. No more working in the morning before Dean goes to work, then rushing to work when Natalie naps, then working more in the evening when Dean is back home and Natalie's in bed. Talk about a LONG day, sheesh.

But there is finally a light. The project wrapped up, the nanny is here 2 afternoons a week and Natalie is just as adorable as ever. It's hard to be too down when that cute little face is looking at you.

So, the recap from the long absence:

  • Natalie has a new cousin!!! Baby Alex born March 27th. He's gorgeous. I'll post a photo once I remember to ask his mom if that's okay.
  • Went away for my first weekend since Natalie was born. It was FANTASTIC. I missed her, and still managed to have fun. She and Dad had a great bonding weekend.
  • We learned that trying to keep a 10 month old awake for 6 hours makes enjoying a wedding difficult.
  • The Easter bunny made an appearance. I did not see him myself though, as I have in years past. Just ask my family.

    And Miss Natalie is getting the cutest curls. Check 'em out.


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