Saturday, March 18, 2006

Be Careful What You Wish For

Dean and I could not wait for Natalie to crawl. We encouraged her, put toys just out of her reach, clapped with enthusiasm whenever she tried. And then she did it!

and did it some more. and got faster. and further.

On the one hand, it's the greatest thing when she's crawling and giggling to get to you. And following you around the house. Need some self actualization? Have a baby! Plus, it's just plain fun and interesting to see what interests her. A whole new world has opened up for her because she now has some control over what she plays with and explores. That part is amazing.

But on the other hand, my days of leaving the room for 5 minutes and knowing she was safe are over. Lounging on the couch? Gone! And of course, the more dangerous and object is, the more applealing it is as well. I'm constantly redirecting her and trying not to say no all the time. The new word is danger. Not that she understands it yet, but eventually...

So mom, just a shout out to say thanks for keeping me safe when I was a wee one. I know now how much effort that really entailed.


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Anonymous said...

Be careful of those rose-colored glasses! We wouldn't want her to grow up thinking that is the way the world really looks, now would we? Actually, Erin, Grand-Auntie Lynda almost forgot about the blog until viewing my favorites, noticed it again, and had to catch up on the doings. Awfully cute picture with the lenses. When is she hitting the runway---with the floppy hat. I still think she is a latent gold mine. Thank goodness she is yours and thereby a little ours. Much love to all three of you.