Friday, January 26, 2007


Okay, finally at 20 months, Natalie has cut her fifth tooth. Yes, fifth. While most toddlers at this age have almost a full set including molars, miss natalie is taking her sweet time welcoming the incisors. She didn't even get her first tooth until right after her first birthday. Dean's mom remembers both he and Debbie being late teethers, and I think my mom said the same about Pete and I. So, perhaps genetics play a role here?

The signs were evident, she's been walking around for days, with her shirts lifted up, exposing her belly while gnawing on the edges. The first day I noticed a huge wet spot on the bottom of her shirt and thought she had gotten into the dogs water. Only after changing her shirt, and later that day seeing her chewing on it in the above mentioned fashion, did I realize what was going on.

I have to say, this makes me very happy. I'm long over the days of peeling her fruit being exciting because she could finally eat solids. After almost a year of peeling, dicing and not being able to give her things like pepper strips or carrot sticks becuase they are too hard to gum, I'm over it. Really, really, over it. Today I'm doing a happy dance as we are one step closer to molars, hurray!

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