Sunday, January 28, 2007

The birds...

We've had a new family visitor for the second time now. A blue heron has twice come to visit us, and was rewarded the second time with a bowl of fruit. Think he'll be back?

Here he is on the patio cage on his first visit. For all my west coast pals, everyone in FL has these cages so that you can enjoy the weather, bug free. On my first visit to Dean's parents, this just blew my mind. Growing up in California, I had never seen anything like it. However, after a 20 minute walk around the neighborhood on Halloween, I counted 22 love bites the next day. I'm now a believer. If we end up living in Florida, a cage will be required.


And here is a cute video of Natalie watching the Heron and saying hello to him. Dad, she loves walking around the neighborhood, looking for cats, bugs and birds. I think will love bug hunting with you on our next visit!

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