Friday, August 24, 2007

Natalie and Willy

There's been much talk around the Dixon abode lately of adding a dog to the mix. Not sure, think Natalie would enjoy one?

Natalie and Willy Woo

Likely we'll get a Shih Tzu, Dean grew up with them and loves them. And since he puts up with the lovely felineness of Ezzy, I guess it's only fair that he select the next pet. My only question is, how do you have a dog w/out a backyard fence? We don't have one, which has been a bit strange for me with this house, as everyone in CA has fences. It seems so public in your backyard to not have one.

But since it's summer and ridiculously hot, if I'm outside, I'm on the lanai in the safety of the cool pool and giant screened cage to keep the bugs out. So it hasn't really been an issue. But I can't imagine having a dog without a fence, you know? Not if we want to stay friends with our neighbors anyway. So I think we'll have another project to add to the house list soon. Now tell me, do you ever, as a homeowner go a good long stretch without having to spend money on the house?

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