Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Latest Look

Like most kids, Natalie loves to look at pictures of herself. Here are some of her favorites as of late:

Me: Look, you're trying on mommy's shoes.
N: No mommy! Those are BOOTS.

At the indoor mall playground. A very important place when it's 95, humid, and your toddler is full of energy.

Oh, my high fashion girl!

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Verry Sherry said...

oh the joy of little girls and their clothes!! Natalie is adorable. Soon you will see she will develop a mind of her own when it comes to wearing what, when and with what. My latest solution is to bring a set of clothes to the breakfast table and dress them in the kitchen... whereas back in their bedroom it would take ages cause they see all their options, or worse, options not there. Like when they want to wear that fav T-shirt you know is buried in the laundry and smothered with chocolate ice cream from two days ago.