Thursday, October 11, 2007

Happy Birthday Grandmama & Grandpa Kelley!

In a strange twist of fate, Dean's mom and my dad share a birthday. So... Happy Birthdays all around!

Here is a link to the Oct 11th horoscope for the coming year if you are interested:

Dad - a retro Happy Birthday Cool Pop!! Hope you have a fabulous day and enjoy your gifts. Your horoscope says travel opportunities are likely. I think that just sealed the deal on your promise to visit FL next year! :)

Janet - I hope you have a wonderful day and we are looking forward to celebrating with you this weekend. We'll have some special birthday treats awaiting you! Your horoscope mentions you'll be more involved in lectures and debates this year. Hmm... looks like you might be spending more time refereeing Dean and Robert's political debates this year.

Here are some special video birthday wishes for you both from Miss Natalie. Can you tell they were filmed before combing her hair!

For Grandmama:

For Grandpa Kelley:

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Verry Sherry said...

Oh that is so cute!! hope everyone enjoys their day!
Thx for the comment. Keep the search for that X-factor Stylist!
What do you think for a VerrySherry launch partay? xo