Monday, October 15, 2007

Lanai Livin'

Found today while sweeping our lanai. Our fully screened lanai:

- 3 dead black mud dauber wasps (yep, the kind I'm allergic to, yay!)
- 2 live lizards running around the pool fence
- 1 petrified dead small frog (perhaps the baby of our previous visitor?)
- giant spiderweb over corner of pool
- Several dead "bugs". Non-identifiable. Something of the beetle family.

And then, from my front door to the mailbox, I counted at least 12 lizards. This was after many had already run into the bushes before I started counting. Dean and I have both noticed on our runs that there is a noticeable increase in baby lizards. Guess they all had an end of summer party like we did when it finally started to cool down.

Oh, and by cool down, I mean highs in the upper eighties, lows in the low 70s.


Verry Sherry said...

yulck! all the more to keep you on your toes and running--though I imagine the heat doesn't help!!
If I could 'can' some of the Irish wet and mail it off to you, I would!
what a thought?

Violet said...

I think Miss Ezzy might need to be pressed into service on the lanai...

Love reading your updates, and seeing the pictures of beautiful Miss Natalie!