Monday, October 22, 2007

Fitness Challenge, Week 2

Week two of our eight week fitness challenge is complete! It was a good week... and, I have a new coach. Of the two foot tall variety. I ran with Natalie a couple times this week, which we refer to around here as "going for a stroller ride." She loves this as we get to look for dogs, birds, bicycles and school buses (her fav.) Essentially, I strap her in the stroller with a sippy of water and some cheerios, raisins or goldfish. Then we head out the front door and do a three mile loop. Mind you, this is while pushing a 27 pd child in a 19 pd stroller. I usually run to the turnaround point and then walk for a minute while I drink water before I start running again. This is no longer allowed. Now, whenever I slow down, Natalie says "no mommy, RUN!" I don't know where she got this, but it makes me laugh every time and keeps me going.

And something else happened this week too, I remembered how great it feels to be exercising. I have noticeably more energy. I'm sleeping better. And I just feel better all around. I'm really trying to focus in on this, and to enjoy the process and lifestyle change and not focus so much on the numbers on the scale. That is hard for me. I want to see results fast. I want that little dress I haven't worn for years to fit right away. But I keep reminding myself that this is a longterm process and it's only the day-to-day changes that will provide the results I seek. So, I'm going to try to keep that focus. But the good news is that I've lost a bit of weight too! I'll give you the stats when we reach the halfway point through the challenge.

So, let's get down to the dirt here... you all want to know who won this week, don't you? Now, you have to remember, that really no one loses as we're both getting in better shape. It's really and win/win and... alright, forget that BS, I won, I won!! I managed four runs and one pilates tape this week. Dean did a respectable three runs and one bike ride, but not quite enough to inch out a win. I have to say, if you're looking for a fitness challenge with a partner, this game really works. Even though by Sunday I knew I couldn't lose, only tie at the worst, I ran because I wanted that win! And it was a rough one as we were at my inlaws and I was a bit hung over from a night out with Dean before and had to run on a treadmill. But the prospect of winning a week was just the encouragement to get my butt on that treadmill.

Oh, and as for Dean. He'll be cleaning out the refrigerator this week. Tee-hee! But I better get my game on this week, cuz I know there will be paybacks.


Verry Sherry said...

Good for you!! hip hip hooray!
Glad you're feeling it in more ways than one. My vice has been walking and since fall set, it is pitch dark early morn and early afternoon--talk about a challenge! I jiggled my morning routine and am managing a short walk. Keep up the good work!

Michele said...

Right on you two. I just sent an email. When I get off the plane I was heading to the Y, maybe I will head to your place and do a run!!!

it is great to have a partner to have a fun challenge.

Dean - how bad was that fridge?

Keep it up. I am running up California Street about 4xs a week. Yahoo.