Saturday, January 19, 2008

Bedding Bliss

Being a homeowner was something I've looked forward to for years. When you rent, you just don't want to invest a lot of time and money in a temporary space. I've been dreaming of wall colors for years, and now, finally, no more off white walls for us, hooray! The house we bought already had almost every room painted. Many of which we really liked, but we do have some wallpaper issues to address. But more on that later.

For our bedroom, I looked for several months for the perfect bedding. Living in FL, our duvet was too hot, so I was looking for a quilt. If you're like me, the idea of a quilt brings up images of country, grandmotherly patterns that are just not my style. Although in fairness, while what I found was predominately of the country variety, my friend Sherry, of VerrySherry has proven to me that quilting can really be done in a multitude of styles.

That said, it was no easy task to find the bedding I desired. I wanted something a bit more modern, or geometric. Dean had to like it too, as he has strong opinions on design, which I love. After an extended online search, and many stores later, I found for me, the perfect bedding. I love it! The pattern has an Asian influence, and I love the cranberry accents. If you zoom in on the photo, you'll see the block patterns and cranberry lines within the black. This look really appealed to my graphic design sensibilities, and I knew Dean would appreciate the slight zen look about it.


My next task it to find curtains, hopefully in a muted cranberry pattern to match. We currently have, shudder, vertical blinds, which I hate with a passion. Nothing says "I really don't care about the decor of my home" like a vertical blind. And we have them on three sets of the main rooms in our house. They will slowly but surely be eliminated, one by one. But it will take some time. This is where Dean and I differ in our approach to design. I want to look and look to find the perfect item, he wants to get it done in one fell swoop. In a way it is a good mix, I can probably take too long, so he'll push me to just try something, and I usually end up liking it. And when he just wants to get something done, but I really don't like it, he'll wait. So we're a good team like that.

Oh, and another big secret, as hard as I try, Dean can still make a better looking bed than I can. I made it in the above picture. I will have to post another when he makes it sometime, and you'll see for yourself. It just always looks better when he does it. I'm not sure why, but kudo's to your mom Dean becuase if she taught you how to make the bed, she taught you well!

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