Tuesday, March 04, 2008

No Name Changes Here

I've been wondering for awhile if I would need to change the name of this blog. Recent life events could have suggested this would be a good idea. However, as it turns out, this won't be necessary. Why? Well... a little secret I've been holding out on for those I don't chat with regularly is that, I am pregnant! Due July 28th. With another girl!

We are very excited about having another girl, Dean in particular. When I asked him several weeks ago if he had a preference for this one, he actually said he thought he'd kind of prefer to have another girl. I think because he thought they would be likely to have a close bond. I find this very endearing, and so sweet. Nothing like daddy's little girl(s). I'll have to make sure I remind him of this when they are teenagers. And want to go on a first date. At 13. With that cute 17yr old they met on MySpace.

But that aside, now that we know we are having a girl, I can start planning! I'm really excited to decorate another nursery. My quandary is that the room is now our guest room/my office and I love the decor of it. If we were having a boy, I likely would have kept to make it work. But with a girl, I'm not so sure. Take a look...

Guest Room

The bed and curtains were the previous owners, but the wallpaper and border are what I love. They have little suns and moons, which I find adorable for a nursery. I'm trying to decide if I can keep the wallpaper, find a border with more feminine colors and repaint the walls more of a golden yellow. I really like the border too, but it just seems too masculine for a baby girl. But if you've got any good ideas on how to make it work, please share!

Now about that due date. July 28th. That means the middle of summer. In Florida. In 97 degree heat with about 90% humidity. Ugh. It's not going to be pretty. I'm petite, so when I'm fully pregnant, I look ridiculous anyway. I can only imagine how I will look this summer, likely swollen and miserable. Don't hold your breath for the photos... Just remind me when I get cranky to keep my eye on the prize.

In the meantime, put in your votes for girl names now, all suggestions are welcome.


Verry Sherry said...

Congratulations!! wow! How are you feeling?
Don't think about July just yet!

Tanya said...

Whoo hoo! Another little girl...soooo cool!