Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mom, you rock

Happy Mother's Day Mom!!!

I hope you're enjoying a wonderful day and I'm sorry to be so far away on a day that is meant for me to appreciate you. So many things you've done and do for me mom, have helped make me a better mom myself today. And for that, I'm eternally grateful. As a kid, it's amazing how your appreciation and love for your own mother evolves...

- when you're little, you take her for granted, mom's always there to kiss the boo-boos, make your favorite dessert and play games with you. She's there to soothe you when you're scared and help you learn how to make and be a friend.

- when you're a teenager, everything changes. Your mom can be an annoyance and suddenly much less smart than she used to be. I mean, everyone knows that driving around aimlessly all night with your 16 year old, newly licensed friends is a great idea. Come on.

- Then, you go off to college and have to start doing most things for yourself. Kaboom! All the things your mom did for you become clearly evident. Yeah, doing laundry kind of sucks, but she did it. Sometimes you really don't feel like cooking, but she did it. Sometimes you want to sleep in, but she couldn't becuase you were three and liked to get up at 6:00. Once all these realities strike, you suddenly want to go home for a weekend to have a home cooked meal, in a clean house and relax! And even HANG OUT with your parents. Whoa. Oh, and suddenly, your mom has gotten smart again like she used to be when you were little.

- Then your on your own, working at your first "real" job and realize that water, electricity and trash pick up all cost money, hard earned money that is not in abundance, a whole new appreciation arises.

- then, one day you become a mother yourself. And you REALLY start to get it. And I'm only three years in... :)

So mom, as I've gone through all my evolutions in appreciation for what you've done for me (and Pete) I hope you can enjoy this mother's day knowing that I am so grateful for all your sacrifices, for all your advice and for all the times you kept your thoughts to yourself knowing when I had to make mistakes on my own to learn something. I'm sure that was the hardest part of all.

You taught me that I could do or be whatever I wanted if I tried hard enough. Knowing that you and dad were always there to support me made this possible. Sure, I made some mistakes along the way, but you and dad taught me to learn from them, not repeat them (mostly). It's nice to know that when I'm going through a really tough mothering day myself, that you had them too, and not only survived, but flourished. That helps keep me sane on crazy days.

And becuase mom's always loves photos of their kids, here's a recent one of Pete and I.

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