Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Three Times the Charm

To Natalie on your 3rd Birthday.

Happy 3rd Birthday Natalie! For the third year straight, I'm late on your birthday entry. But I figure since we had your birthday party early, that evens things out, right? In any case, you should get used to my lateness and crazy logic now as I don't see it changing much as you get older. It will probably just become increasingly more annoying. Until you realize that your dad is even worse than I.

You are three years old now. Three! And I think I fall a little more in love with you everyday. Watching you grow and develop is the most amazing experience for your father and I. On a daily basis you completely crack me up with your silliness, humor and expressions. As our neighbor Christie has pointed out many times, you are quite the thespian child. And I love it! Your affinity for acting out your emotions is wonderful. I hope that stays with you. You'll attract many people with your comical expressions should they continue to develop.

You are also one of the sweetest little girls I know. I love how you'll often, out of the blue say things like "I love you mommy" or "You're a good friend mommy". It just melts my heart. You get very concerned when you see someone upset and want to make them feel better. When I tell you daddy is having a bad day at work, you go give him a hug and say "it's okay daddy".

Dean and I are watching you become a little girl right before our eyes. Your becoming more independent everyday. Next week you start preschool. How did that happen? And I know you'll love it. Though you're on the quieter side, you do love to join in and play so I've no doubt you'll make friends and enjoy being around all the kids. I'm also very curious to see what sort of expressions, ideas and games you come home with. It will be the first time you've been away from me on a regular basis and I look forward to watching you grow through the new experiences of other adults and kids.

You also love to sing. You've started to make up new words to the melodies of your favorite songs like Twinkle Twinkle, ABC and Baa Baa Black Sheep. I love how you'll just suddenly break out into song in the middle of running errands. It's usually how we know you're awake in the mornings. You begin to sing. Honestly, while I'm usually thinking, can't you give mommy one more hour to sleep, even while exhausted, I'll be smiling at your morning concerts.

Oh, and did I mention that you are potty trained! After a couple slow starts, and a few meltdowns (on my part, not yours) with Dean encouraging me to stick to it, it suddenly just happened. That weekend at grandmama's solidified it. (by the way grandmama, you're hired for #2) And right in time for preschool. Phew! Okay, the gummy bears might have helped too.

And so I don't forget, here are a few interesting facts about you at this age:

- you still hate talking on the phone. You run away from it screaming "no!" most times. I'm sure I'll look back on these days fondly in the future.

- you love blueberries, milk, quesadillas,

- your best friend right now is probably Sara, who lives across the street. But you adore spending time with Nolan, Kiley, Jessie and Gabrielle too.

- When you want us to do something right away, you say "come on" in the most adorable, dragged out fashion. I really need to get that on tape.

- you have to sleep with cow, binky (I know, I know) and blue bear. Although cow is definitely preferred over blue bear.

- you always pretend play and include your cousins, aunts and uncles and grandparents in the mix. I find this adorable as most of them are far away and I know they'd all love to know they are central characters in your plays.

- you have the. best. hair. ever. We still cannot go out without at least one person commenting on it. I love that. I hope you love your hair one day too. It will be one of your signature features.

- you love to play mommy monster and daddy monster.

- you are a complete water baby like your dad. Florida was a good spot to land in.

- and finally, you are just too cute for words! Here is a picture as proof.

Happy Birthday dear Natalie. Your father and I love you more than words can express, and I hope you grow up feeling this with you always. And that it allows you to explore the world, challenge yourself and be happy with yourself exactly as you are.

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