Saturday, June 21, 2008

Where the Hell is Matt?

Another blogger turned me on to Matt last year. He has a new video out and I just love it. It's so simple, yet brings tears of joy to my eyes just watching it. Not sure if it's the pregnancy hormones or what, but I find this very inspiring. I love to travel and since having Natalie, aside from family trips have not had time/money/opportunity to do as much of it as I'd like. I strongly believe traveling is the best education and gift one can provide. It inspires and challenges in a way that you simply cannot replicate in a book, movie or tv show. I fully intend to instill a love of travel into my kids. Sure, it's going to be a lot more expensive traveling with four people than two, but the alternative, not introducing my kids to the world, and letting them discover firsthand that there are many ways to live life, simply isn't acceptable.

So enjoy the video, hopefully it will bring you a smile and remind you why you love to travel as well. With a newborn coming in a matter of weeks, our next travel plans are back to CA to introduce her to my family. But hopefully, in the not too distant future, we'll be on the road again. Where is your next trip going to be?

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VerrySherry said...

oh, I just lost 40 minute googling that guy Matt. But it was pretty darn good. Thanks for the introduction. Good food for the soul. xo