Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Playdate Lessons

What happens when the parents are too busy chatting and not keeping an eye on the kids:

Basically the entire contents of Natalie's room was moved into the dining room because they were playing market and needed items to sell. Hard to argue with that logic, but doh!


VerrySherry said...

yeah, so? That's what my place looks like 24/7 or so it feels. xo

Erinness said...

Good point. The dining room is the ONE room in the house that is usually clean. While, aside from the piles of stuff normally on the table. But under the table is clean! Only because we only use it twice a year. Tell me, how does one throw fun dinner parties w/ small kids in the house? I really want to start throwing dinner parties again? I swear, I used to be fun!