Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Kate has had a cold for a week now. After two nights of being up every hour-on-the-hour, I was exhausted. Then we headed to my in-laws for a whirlwind surprise 70th bday party for my father in law. After coming home from that, Natalie woke up with a cold yesterday so I had two sick girls home together. Needless to say, today I am feeling like I'm getting sick. Will be heading out for chicken noodle soup and Zicam soon.

This is particularly disturbing as I was doing so well with my gym routine and resolution to get fit. The first 2 weeks of Jan I made it to the gym 4x/week. Was beginning to feel really good. Then Kate got sick which meant no gym time. This week I expect I won't be able to hit the gym all week because I want to make sure Kate is fully recovered before going back. I'm slightly worried she may have picked this up from the gym, so we'll have to see. So this week I'm focusing on eating healthy and perhaps if I have any energy left I may get in some Wii Fit time. But I'm trying to stay positive and focused and realize that this is my life. It will always be this way and I just need to work around it. While it's frustrating to have setbacks that are out of my control, I know if I stay focused the weight loss and fitness gain will happen in time.

But two things are making me very happy today. First, I'm getting my haircut today, which I just love because it's two hours of leisurely salon time by myself. Pure joy. Second, we are starting to plan a trip to CA in April to see my folks, and that is making me very happy as I miss them and can't wait for them to meet baby Kate.

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