Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

Natalie came home with quite a bag of loot from preschool yesterday. When did Valentines day become the new Halloween? I think she got more candy in her Valentines Day bag than her Halloween bag!

I've come to realize that preschool is not really to prepare the kids for school, but to prepare the parents for all the parties/crafts/cupcakes/outfits/paperwork/school supplies/party favors/ you have to provide for your kids in school. We were told to bring Valentines for all the kids in her class. Which would be 36. But Valentines are sold in boxes of 32. So well I should have just bought 2 boxes, I'm too cheap and just printed out extras from a parenting website. I know I won't be able to get away with this for too many years. But since most of the kids can't read yet I knew I good this year.

But I know these days are short lived. You know I'm not going to be the parent that embarrasses their kid by forgetting to bring something in or doing it "wrong". I had no idea how things are done now. So luckily, I've been schooled and will be better prepared next year ( talk to other parents beforehand to compare notes). So we should all have it down by grade school. Right? Right?

Here is Natalie with her bag she decorated and all her loot:

And here are my two favorite little Valentines...

Tonight, Dean is making me dinner and I'm making dessert. There will be chocolate and champagne after the little ones are in bed. Perhaps a dip in the hot tub too. Perfect!

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