Thursday, May 05, 2011

just a smidge

As mother's day approaches, I find myself thinking about my own childhood and my mom. And how in some ways I am so similar, and others so different. Then I find myself looking at Natalie and trying to figure out how she is like my mom... and I'm reminded of the word she picked up from Grandma on our visit last summer.


I love this word. It is so cute and descriptive. I remember we were sitting at my moms kitchen table, which strangely enough sits on carpet, and my mom saying "just a smidge" about something. I don't remember if it was about spreading butter on bread, or having a second helping, but I do remember her saying it. Why? Because for months after, Natalie would request "just a smidge more of milk" or oatmeal. Or just a smidge more of syrup. Or just a "smidge" more of anything. But the smidge stuck. And every time she says it, it makes me smile. It's like this little connection Natalie and my mom have, and that makes me happy.

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