Sunday, May 01, 2011

Yee Haw!

When I was a little girl, we used to spend a week at Rankin Ranch every year. It's an ideal place to spend a family vacation. As kids, we'd ride horses, swim, put on a talent show, have dessert every day, go on nature hikes and get to play with all the other kids there. I absolutely loved it growing up. Now as a parent, I can see why my folks liked it so much too. You totally get to unwind with your family. There is a kids club with a counselor so your kids can have fun while you go on an adult horse ride, or lounge by the pool, or enjoy the nightly happy hour.

There are no telephones, TV, or any communication with the outside world. Just quality family time. Oh the stories I could tell... the family jokes, the kids we met, the families my parents have gotten to know over the years.

My parents still go every year, and they took the whole family back about five years ago, when Natalie was an infant. They are going with my brother and his family this year, and I'm looking forward to when both girls are old enough to ride horses so we can join them. Until then, they are practicing! See below...

Giddy up!

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