Saturday, July 14, 2012

Dixon Summer Extravaganza - Day 3

Did some swimming today and general relaxing. Ahh... This was required due to the fact that it was 108 degrees today. I'm not kidding!

Drove out to Rosedale to go to my cousin Gary's Sequoia Sandwich shop. Some of the best sandwiches in town. And if you've not tried it, you simply must have Gary's Chocolate Cake. Sinfully good. Luckily, being in the know, my Aunt told my mom the secret ingredient so Janet, if you are reading this, my fellow chocoholic, you will be receiving your own birthday version of Gary's Chocolate Cake this October! Yes, it's good to have family in high places.

Enjoyed some bbq'd burgers with a bottle of our friend Craig Stoller's wine... Sextant Winery Night Watch. If you've not tried it, go get yourself a bottle immediately. It will not disapoint. mmm... vacation is good.

Dean and the girls enjoying some pool time.

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