Thursday, July 12, 2012

Dixon Summer Extravagaza - Day 1

We have arrived in California! So happy to be back...

And of course, we began our journey with an adventurous, but not so fun morning. Apparently my skill set at setting the alarm clock has plummeted. Instead of waking to the alarm at 4:15, I woke up to glance at the clock at 4:48, yelled to Dean the time and we raced out of bed. Flying out of Orlando, we weren't sure exactly if we would make it, which meant a super stressful drive, followed by a super stressful car check in, where we couldn't risk stopping for gas. Which meant our $60 car rental, was topped by an $88 gas fee. Ouch. Needless to say, I was saying my mea culpa's to Dean all morning.

After a lovely 4 hour delay in Houston (yeah, THAT was fun) our delayed flight has us arriving just in time to hit rush hour traffic on the 405. Joy! A 2 hour drive was ahead of us and then we finally arrived my parents house.

And after a very long day of travel, there is nothing like arriving to the warm hugs and smiles of your parents. And seeing how excited they are to see the grandkids. Made the long day just fade away... and helped all the more by a delicious shared bottle of Silver Oak. Ah... so good to come home again. I'm glad our vacation is here, and glad the 1st leg of travel is behind us. On to the good times!

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