Thursday, February 09, 2006

Hello World

The Natalie blog has finally arrived!

After intending to start this back in... ahem... MAY 2005, Natalie's blog has finally come to fruition. So, join us as we share Natalie's world with you. We promise lots of photos, vidoes and antecdotes about Dean and I stumbling our way through parenthood. Should be interesting to say the least. Weekly posts at a minimum will be forthcoming. And hey, you never know when YOU might get a mention. I know, you're shaking with excitement.

Wondering about the name of this blog, Dean & the Dixon Chicks? When Natalie was born, our friends had a pool for her birthday date. As it turned out, Uncle Pete was the winner and several new family names we're created (including NatalieGate since the $$ was kept in the family.) Our friend Don came up with the Dixon Chicks and we loved it! Hence, the name. Oh yeah, and we added Dean since he proclaims "I am not a chick". Guess we gotta give him that.

Here's the latest photos of our fashionable gal, sporting the coolest baby Puma's ever. Thanks Auntie Melissa!!

Oh, and please feel free to post some comments anytime...



Anonymous said...

The Original Dixon Chick
She's a cutie, a one in a million girls (wait was I just channeling "The Tubes" and their song She's a Beauty ) Any ways I am happy to find out that Dean finally proclaimed that he is "Not a Chick". Quite frank we all have been wondering about that. (ha,ha)But back to the kid....
You call this "Natalie's Blog" but what would Natalie write at this age I if she could wonder....mmmm...(dream sequence)
NATALIE BLOG ENTRY: I pooped in my diaper today something awful, it was even disgusting even for me and I created it! However it was all worth the look on my male parental unit's face (who for some reason likes me to call him "Da Da" when clearly his name is "Dean") as he cringed when he opened my diaper. I do not know why I like to torture my parental units so. It is the only source of enjoyment I get in while I am in my "caged existence" which they call my "crib". Next blog entry I will explain why I think it's funny waking my parental units up in the middle of night for no apparent reason. Please don't inform my parental units I am writing this , if they knew it would loose it's fun. Peace out. -Nat
....(back to reality).... well Erin and Dean looking forward to more pictures and more entries. Take care.
- I think you know who.

jbl1120 said...

This kid is adorable! Looking forward to future posts! Have you upgraded the Roomba? Are you riding the Scooba train?

Julia said...

Hello !!!!! It's a great idea to start this Blog ! Natalie is very very cute !


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, it is not humanly possible to look at that photo of Natalie and not have a smile as big hers on your face!

Love the blog and looking forward to more of them...thanks!


Miss Violet said...

Welcome to the blogosphere! (That may or may not be a word.) I look forward to updates on my favorite corkscrew-curl little girl.

Granddad said...

My grandaughter is the cutest grandaughter I have ever had. She obviously inherited her "cuteness" from her parents and by extension from her grandparents on both sides.