Monday, February 20, 2006

Love is in the Air...

Will you be my valentine?


Thank you grandmama for my cute valentine's day dress. Well, okay, it's really my cute 1st Christmas dress, but it still fits. Who knows, it may be my first Easter dress too! Stay tuned.

And of course, I couldn't post today with out a big: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!! My fabulous mother has just turned 29 again (see mom, I got your back). Here's to a year full of health, happiness and adventure mom, you deserve it.

And here we have some mommy/daugher lovin' going on. I'll do anything to make her smile and laugh. MAKES my day. You can't see it here, but man, that girl has eyelashes to die for. She has no idea how lucky she is. But that's okay. She will soon enough. Way too soon for me I'm sure.


Note the headband Natalie is wearing. That came from the cute red bear grandmama gave Natalie for Valentine's day. I should have taken a close up as when we put in on Natalie, it was like BAM, here's insta 80s baby. Remember Olivia Newton John in Xanadu? Or think John McEnroe on the court back in the day. Yeah, you know the look.

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Anonymous said...

...she needs some rollerskates!