Friday, October 22, 2010

The Binky Fairy Returns

After success the first time around with Natalie, the binky fairy is making a return visit for Katherine tonight. I am excited and apprehensive about this. I'm very happy that the binkies will soon be gone. I'm tired of hearing "I want a binky mommy" 20 times a day. And the resulting screams that ensue when the request is denied.

However I am anxious as I think this will be a harder transition for Katherine. She uses two binkies at night. One in her mouth and one in her hand. She doesn't have a set lovey like Natalie did. She's 2 and a few months, so while she gets it, I think it will be tougher than with Natalie. Natalie was three, and cried a bit the first night, but went to sleep pretty quickly. She woke up once and cried but I was able to comfort her. For about a week, she was sad at bedtime, said she missed her binky, but that was it. No major sleep issues.

Katherine is still napping and my biggest fear is that the departure of the binkies will also mean the departure of the naps. This is a BIG fear. Katherine still needs her naps... she gets tired and cranky right at naptime. I still need her naps. I get tired and cranky by her naptime too!

So fingers crossed and stay tuned. The UPS box has been delivered. Inside is the red box that Katherine is to put all her binkies in for the babies who need them. A gift is in there too, to help her get through the first night. A bunny animal/blanket combo that will hopefully provide some comfort. And tomorrow morning she will awaken to a huge Pooh Bear and some Snow White dress up shoes as her reward.

Hmm... thinking ahead, perhaps I'd better alert Starbucks. Depending on how tonight goes, I may need an injection drip tomorrow!

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