Tuesday, October 05, 2010

It takes a village...

They say it takes a village, and you  know what? It's true. We've been in FL almost three and half years now, and in that time I've made some great friends. Most of them are SAHMs (Stay at Home Moms) like me, and let me tell you, when you are with your children, ALL day, EVERY day, you need an outlet. And my FL friends have not disappointed. I'll leave the girls night out stories for another post (or three), today is about how great it is to help out other moms.

Case in point. With Natalie having started Kindergarten this year, I was eager to volunteer in her classroom. I really want to do this as my mom was very involved in our elementary school and I think both my brother and I, and the school, really benefited from it. It's nice to have my turn now, sort of an ode to my mom, following in her footsteps.

I'm excited to volunteer while Natalie is still young enough to be super excited about having me in her class. I start volunteering next week, and she's already asking if I can volunteer more than one morning a week. So cute. However, for obvious reasons, it would not be conducive to bring Katherine into the classroom with me. Trust me, she would create total mayhem in minutes. Well, as it so happens my friend Sarah is in the same boat. Her son Nolan (one of Natalie's best friends) started Kindergarten this year too. And he too, has younger sibling that would also generate mayhem in the classroom. So Sarah and I are swapping childcare so we can each volunteer in our kids class. Fantastic!

We started the swap this week and Graham and Katherine had a great time at our place on Monday. I threw on some tunes while he was here and you can see for yourself he was having a fantastic time. Sarah had mentioned he seemed to be really into music and she was right. How cute are these two:


And here is Katherine:


Stay tuned for next week's update on how the first day volunteering goes. Should be interesting!

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