Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Dixon Ultimate Family Vacation

Catchy title, eh?

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I've been thinking lately of what our ultimate family vacation would be, if we could do anything. That I love to travel is no secret, that I've not done much since the birth of the Dixon chicks is no secret either. Since moving to FL, our big annual vacation is a trip back to CA to visit my family. Luckily for us, this is a great destination. Unlucky for me, having grown up in CA, while I love the state, it's not really a true "vacation". Especially since Dean is usually working half the time we are traveling. Working from home has it's benefits, but having a portable office while on vacation isn't really one of them.

So, what would my ultimate family vacation be? While my adventurous side dreams of an extended trip through Europe or Asia, or perhaps biking through the Italian wine country, my realistic side knows that with one child still in diapers and napping, this one will have to wait a few years.

We live an hour from Disney World, so while this is a huge family vacation destination, for us it is a day trip. And living in FL, I don't feel the need for a beach vacation as much as I used to. So, where would I go?


Starting out in Paris specifically. While you may think this crazy at first with two young children, I have plans. Oh yes, I have plans. We would rent an apartment somewhere near the city centre, or in one of the great nearby districts. Where we could walk or take public transportation. I love the idea of waking up, grabbing a quick breakfast for the kids in our little cozy french kitchen. Then we'd meander through the neighborhood in search of coffee for Dean and I and delicious french pastries for the girls. (Okay, us too!). We would then enjoy ourselves by playing at the local playgrounds, strolling through the beautiful french shops and enjoying the bakeries and markets for the culture, the food and to let the girls enjoy some real, unbelievably creamy, cheese. On bread baked fresh that day. Here the girls could experience real fast food: fresh baked bread, cheese, olives and fruit.

This trip would be ideal as we could truly immerse ourselves in the french lifestyle, if only for a moment. I really want my girls to grow up with a world view, and I think immersing them in a foreign culture from a young age will not only give them that appreciation, but also a sense of adventure, community and pride in their own country. Nothing makes you appreciate what you have and love about your own home, than being away from it for a period of time.

Of course, no trip to France would be complete without hitting the beaches of southern France, where we would spend a few lazy days at the beach so the kids could soak up the universal fun of a beach playground, wherever in the world one might be.

Hmm... sounds so dreamy. I can't get away to France at the moment, but I can open a bottle of wine. Au Revoir!

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